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Prices will not include VAT and will be liable to change – please ask for confirmation.

Klipspringer R 1 500-00 N.A. R 2 000-00
Mountain Reed Buck R 1 500-00 N.A. R2 000-00
Impala R 1000-00 R 900-00 R 1 500-00
Kudu R 7500-00 R 2 500-00 R 1 2 000-00
Blue Wildebeest R 2 700-00 R 2 500-00 R 3 500-00
Eland R 7 500-00 R 7 500-00 R 8 500-00
Wart hog R 500-00 R 500-00 R 800-00
Bushbuck R 3 500-00 N.A. R 5000-00
Gemsbuck R 5 000-00 R 5000-00 R 5000-00
Zebra R 6 000-00 R 6 000-00 N.A.
Giraffe R 22 000-00 R 18 000-00 N.A.

There will be no hunting on the following species: Njala, Sharpe's, Grysbok and Bushpig.


The owner in partnership with a PH friend has a 70000 hectare hunting concession in Zimbabwe and office all of the big and dangerous animals such as Lion, Hippo, Elephant, Crocodile, Buffalo, Leopard, Sable, and other animals except Rhino. This is a true African experience, hunting free roaming game in their natural habitat. Our PH in Zimbabwe has more than 15 years of hunting experience, is fully qualified, very capable and educated. Accommodation is a well established Lodge with staff for every need. Suitable rifles can be arranged if the need be. Bow hunters are very welcome. Clients can also arrange to be guided on a tiger fishing experience or a trip to Victoria Falls which is situated nearby.
  • Hunts depends on species and quantity of animals hunted.
  • Hunts will vary from 7 - 21 days.
  • All packages will include the daily fees, all meals, and assistance of a professional GAME hunter.
  • All packages will exclude traveling to Zimbabwe although clients are welcome to travel free.
  • with the outfitter to Zimbabwe.
  • All packages will exclude trophee fees.
  • Non trophee animals are for photo's only and the hunting experience thereof.
  • Dipping and shipping of trophees to client's destination is excluded in packages.

The following packages are available on trophee animals and will consist of one of the following:

Buffalo - Male R75 000.00
Elephant R150 000.00
Sable R75 000.00
Hippo R75 000.00
Leopard R75 000.00
Lion (prior arrangement) Price on request

Non trophee and trophee animals hunted in addition to package as priced below:

Buffalo trophee R50 000.00
Buffalo - Cow R30 000.00
Eland (trophee) R20 000.00
Chobe bushbuck (trophee) R10 000.00
Elephant (trophee) R120 000.00
Elephant (non-trophee) R70 000.00
Sable (trophee) R50 000.00
Leopard (trophee) R50 000.00
Hipo (trophee) R50 000.00